We would like to help you overcome your obstacles of uncertainty and fear of public speaking in English. In our High Tea English session for example, you will learn how to speak English in a communicative and convincing way despite the language barrier.

English is by far the most widely used language in the business world. Moreover, it is also the most commonly spoken native language after Mandarin Chinese. In order for a company to be internationally successful, a good command of the English language is invaluable. Our name ‘Globally Spoken’ is therefore a real expression of the special position of the English language in the world.


Globally Spoken’s Mission

Globally Spoken strives to enhance spoken and written communication between people of all ages and backgrounds using the English language. We achieve this by improving the knowledge and understanding of the English language, allowing everyone to use this language as the preferred international communication tool.


Working area

We are located (office) in Dordrecht and work nationwide.


Globally Spoken supports Plan Nederland's GIRLS FIRST Project.

Globally Spoken supports Plan Nederland’s GIRLS FIRST Project.



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